Saturday, July 31, 2010

1055T X6 Overclocking

These are my BIOS settings: CPU Multiplier frequency xxx, Memory Clock x3.33 (to compensate for the change in FSB to give 1066MHz) - Award BIOS with MIT on a Gigabyte GA-MA78LM-S2H

A full set of instructions and screen-shots of the BIOS screens can be found the Tempusfugit Intranet

Many forums claim that they have instructions on how to do this but turn out to be general instructions on how a Black Edition BE CPU is overclocked, the AMD Phenom X6 1055T (Thuban) is NOT BE. Other reviews on retail websites (Tiger Direct) are in a similar vein where the reviews are claiming core speeds of over 4GHz - it has not been the first time that reviewers haven't even purchased the product and are posting either to confuse or they are just making an extension from another product that they have purchased and the specs of the X6. It has not been the first time that reviews of this nature have been seen on TD.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Google Chrome Operating System

At the time of first writing this post the Google Chrome Operating system was just a speculation.

Since the announcement in July 2009 there has not been that much more that has come out of this. There is the obvious press release and information from Google themselves and a WikiP page (possibly written by someone at the mighty G) - A few "stub" posts (along with one of my own!) but, so far there is nothing concrete.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Asus Super Hybrid Engine Intel SpeedStep® Technology

Asus Super Hybrid Engine is a great concept but it seems that it "flights" with Intel's SpeedStep® Technology.

Monitoring the processor voltages and clock and core speeds using CPU-Z the performance and parameters seem to be adjusted so that the processor is not running at "High Performance" even if SHE is telling it to. Most of the time the multipliers are are cutting back to preserve power - as I say they seem to be trying to do the same job.

To get true "High Performance" you would have to disable Speedstep in System BIOS - and if you were there you might even want to do some over and underclocking for yourself (this is providing the BIOS will give you that option - in nost cases where SHE is featured the BIOS is not that flexible [and CANNOT BE MADE SO!])

Other posts on this blog related to Asus Super Hybrid Engine:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Suse Linux

I am not sure if SUSE and SUSE Studio are one and the same.

Gesellschaft für Software und System Entwicklung mbH (Lit. Company for Software and System Development)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why the Web is Broken

The nonsense you see on Blogs, Forum and Social Media sites (Web 2.0 does not work - Two no work)

Like the "squeaky wheel" getting all the grease - the posters on Web forums are the ones that you find when you make a search. The happy customer is largely a silent majority.

Visit any technical forum, reading responses to postings and articles quickly turns into
        a diatribe of zealots - all claiming that they are the oracle.

To see what I mean - do a search for diatribe of zealots using your favourite search engine.

An Example:
Microsoft's Vista is not as bad as the naysayers would have you believe, The Gates Company may well be a Behemoth and maybe an alternative such as Linux may be worth pursuing.


A lot of information may well be "out there" but it is usually lost on a fog of advertisements and posts that irrelevant to the issue you are researching.

The corner-stone of Web 2point0 is interactivity

The ability for users to have their say. Post their comments and generate their own content (blogs - You Tube - Facebook)

Review Websites:

As well as the behavior that is prevalent in general technical fora, the review sites (while often little more than advertising platforms) have a large measure of repetition and it is not easy to find out whether a product is good or bad.
A good product can often appear to be bad as the detractors and those who have had technical problems are the most the most vocal and tend to make multiple postings. We all experience problems with customer service from time to time and the posting of rants about your experience are often of little help.
Having said that, review sites are sometimes quite useful but you have to know how to read between the lines and be patient with the navigation through  (sometimes) pages of reviews that all say the same thing. Those that have overall ratings for a product are good - again these have to be viewed in light of the who is saying what and why.
A case in point is the Convertible Notebook computer from HP. It is advertised clearly as a notebook that the screen can be twisted 180 degrees and folded flat - it says IT IS NOT a true tablet and there is no digitizer for taking notes with a stylus, as would be the case with a true tablet.

My dad's car goes faster than any of yours - in reverse

When I was a kid I can remember the discussion about how fast our fathers cars could go. Since that time it had been a catch-phrase for any nonsensical and unverifiable statement. This is what a large portion of the Web2Point0 world is about!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This post is because the information about FutureShop is not prominent on their website.
Future Shop is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE:BBY).

The FutureShop founder Hassan Khosrowshahi has been appointed the new chairman of Frazer Institute.

Hassan Khosrowshahi is an Iranian Canadian - don't tell George Bush! (he might think that he has any links to Iran!)  [this was originally posted when GB2 was Pres]

Future Shop stores operate as a division of Burnaby-based Best Buy Canada Ltd.

FutureShop Head Office

Best Buy Canada / Future Shop
8800 Glenlyon Parkway,
Burnaby, BC,
V5J 5K3,
Tel.: 604-435 8223

  • The Frazer Institute

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The use of robots.txt

Crawler Exclusion - Site Administration - server loading

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Since my days with ERP systems I feel that much has moved on. It has now become a lot more "social" and cloud-based

My interest is specifically with as a neighbour has one of their CRM systems and has some concerns regarding scalability.

The major players in CRM

According to WikiP (Gartner) the major players in CRM are as follows:
  1. SAP - CRM module - see also my page on ERP
  2. Oracle CRM
  3. - a company founded in March 1999 by former Oracle executive Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez
  4. Microsoft CRM - aparently MS are supposed to be releasing a CRM solution in 2011
  5. Amdocs
  6. then others 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Secondary ("disposable") Email Addresses

I recommend that you use a secondary e-mail address when communicating with this web-site and any other web-site that you are not familiar with.

Many ISPs and email providers offer the ability to create "throw-away" addresses so that you do not have to reveal you true or primary email address.

Update 5 May 2012

Having to setup another email account after one appeared to have been compromised. It highlighted the need to use "disposable" or secondary email addresses for subscriptions. This was something that the Roger's technician concurred was a good idea. Also, the fact that I was talking directly to Roger's who were looking directly at my Internet accounts, it was clear that there were no notes on my file that there was any suspicion of any activity on my Internet connection that was not anything than approved by Rogers.
This was a prime opportunity for them to ask about whether I had been using my connection to run a web server.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Privoxy and Tor - what Privoxy is and what it does

There seems to be a misconception on what Privoxy is and what it does for your anonymity and security.

Privoxy is a module that was used by Vidalia Tor to provide an extra layer of security when using the Tor network. In a similar manner to the TorButton I have seen reference to Privoxy as a security measure in its own right. Both of these are to be used in conjunction with Vidalia Tor.

In fact, I am of the opinion that Privoxy has been somewhat or actually replaced by "Bridging Servers".